Learning Through Digital Adventures

As teachers, we are constantly nurturing the connections children make between learning in the classroom, and the real world.  We turn to a variety of resources and experiences to broaden Continue Reading →

Number Stories

Development of mathematical thinking in young children happens in three important stages: concrete, pictorial, abstract. In order to develop a firm foundation in mathematics, children must have the opportunity to Continue Reading →

Extended Learning Experiences

There are SO MANY learning experiences that educators facilitate and witness with their students. It can be fulfilling to live AND capture the learning process along the way…whether it may Continue Reading →

Creating a Kindness Promise Through Collaborative Literacy

This year we have been exploring idea of extended reading and having children make meaningful connections beyond the book. (Check out our Extended Reading category on our blog to see Continue Reading →

Playing with Characters and Settings – An Extended Reading Experience

 As part of Extended Reading in our Kindergarten classes, we seek to give children rich literacy experiences that model use of reading skills and strategies, as well as explore Continue Reading →

Design a Book Cover! – An Invitation to Play

The Fall season is upon us and across the country learners are experiencing changes in a variety of ways.  Whether you are in a place where leaves are changing color Continue Reading →

Playing at the Farm: A SHARED Creation Experience for Students AND Teachers

 Our kids got to EXPLORE, PLAY, and CREATE at the farm and guess what….SO DID WE!!! It started out with us (Jessica and Christine) recalling connections and discoveries with Continue Reading →