#InnovatingPlay Slow Chat

#InnovatingPlay Slow Chat

The #InnovatingPlay Twitter Chat has shifted to a slow chat model (for at least the remainder of the 21-22 school year). We are recognizing the toll and strain the school year is taking on educators, and are offering some flexibility with chat participation. In January, we also put a poll on Twitter requesting input from the community on the chat style. 35.3% voted to keep the chat on a bi-monthly schedule, 52.9% voted to shift to a slow chat, and 11.8% said to pause for a while. 

Slow Chat Schedule

The slow chat style is on ‘super slow’ schedule. There is one topic per month and one question tweeted out per week. Four questions allow us to share our ideas, thoughts, and practices on the given topic. Questions are posted on Saturdays at the same time that the original Twitter chat started (10 AM EST | 9 CST | 7 PST). Chat questions can still be accessed in advance at innovatingplay.world/chatquestions so that participants have time to think on responses and schedule ahead of time should they wish.


The biggest benefit to the slow chat model is that you can hop on the #InnovatingPlay hashtag at a time that is best for YOU! A weekly answer can be posted any time after the question has been posted (ideally within the same week). For example, if Q1 is posted on Saturday February 5th at 10:00 AM EST, then answers can start coming right after, all the way until the next question is posted the following week. Of course, if you hop on the chat later in the month and still want to answer previous questions, you are still welcome to. Please lead your answers with the number of the corresponding question – such as A1, A2, etc. Don’t forget to come back and check the #InnovatingPlay hashtag periodically to respond to others. 🙂 We look forward to your participation. Tweet us if you have questions!

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