Innovating Play Origin

The process of Innovating Play begins with CONNECTION.  This is exactly where Jessica and Christine began their story as well.  In July 2017, Christine hosted the first #GAfE4Littles #SlowFlipChat. (Use code rtr924z to access the grid.) Although Jessica and Christine had been connected on Twitter, there was something about seeing and hearing each other that made the connection feel different.  Their teacher hearts spoke to each other. Their mindsets complemented each other. From three thousand miles away, they found a connection that they knew they needed to build.  They each had something they were looking for, and in the other, they saw the missing piece.

So they began to WONDER.  How can we learn together?  How can we grow together? How can we bring our kids together?  How can we make learning meaningful, joyful, and real from all the way across the country?

They began to PLAY!  They found ways to connect daily, and observed the ways in which two classes can truly become one.  Together, they saw endless possibilities for providing meaningful and joyful learning experiences, without limits.  

It was being in this process that allowed Jessica and Christine to DISCOVER the true meaning of Innovating Play.  They live the words that are celebrated in this community.  They continue to discover the importance of sharing, creating, and opening up possibilities for learners and teachers everywhere.  Innovating Play is a shared vision, experienced through a continuous cycle. As Jessica and Christine continue in the process, it is their greatest hope that Innovating Play becomes more than just the written words.  It is a mindset, a way of experiencing learning and teaching without limits, that lives out in the world.

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