Google Apps for Littles Resources
via Christine Pinto

#GAfE4Littles has always been about the ways in which kids can learn and create, with technology as ONE of their tools in their learning toolbelt. However, take the technology component away and there is still a bigger picture behind #GAfE4Littles. The vision is about the ways that we BELIEVE in kids and trust them by not limiting their potential to the way that they learn. We should give kids a variety of tools they CAN use to thrive in the time and space in which they live, regardless of their age.

#GAfE4Littles has joined forces with #InnovatingPlay to expand horizons…to Connect, Wonder, Play and Discover in a deeper way to learn and grow with more educators and kids! Integrating Google Apps with learning experiences is simply ONE approach to #InnovatingPlay. The visions with #GAfE4Littles and #InnovatingPlay play well together and now have aΒ shared space to flourish and grow!

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