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The Discovery of Innovating Play

via Jessica Twomey

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This is our story.  It belongs to all of us.  Innovating Play was born out of the GAfE4Littles community.  It grew from the belief that young children CAN explore, learn, and create through digital tools.  Innovating Play expands on this idea by providing the process through which we can further develop tools and opportunities we offer children in order to elevate their learning.

We are a global community.  We examine the ways in which natural play experiences can be combined with 21st century approaches.  Through this exploration, we redefine the boundaries and elevate play, as well as the place it holds in learning spaces around the world.   

We believe in sharing.  It is the sharing of the journey and the process that benefits children and teachers.  Through this process we become problem-finders, and problem-solvers, designers, and innovative thinkers.  

Our mission:  Together, we look critically at our current culture.  We do so in order to find ways to help all learners to Connect, Wonder, Play, and Discover.  Through Innovating Play we support all children and teachers in reaching their fullest potential. 

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