#SummerFlipChat 2018

Discoveries From Our Previous Chat

As we (Jessica and Christine) reflected on our last chat, Playing with Possibilities, we discovered that all teachers share the need for a break, but at some point are ready to tap into and pursue educational interests. Β There is a desire to share, connect, and grow as learners and teachers. With these findings, we decided to create a #SummerFlipChat to catch us all when we are ready to β€œreturn to the grid.” Β This is an opportunity to create an accessible and personalized platform for collaboration among educators at a time and pace that works for each of us.

Connecting Over the Summer:
#SummerFlipChat Grid Set Up

The #SummerFlipChat grid will be different than the #SlowFlipChat in that there WILL ONLY BE ONE GRID OPEN this summer. It is important to recognize that we (the #InnovatingPlay community) are pursuing different interests (while some are the same) in different places, at different times, at different stages of the #InnovatingPlay cycle. Similar to the #SlowFlipChat, the summer edition will allow us to TAP IN when we are ready to play!


We can personalize our own learning TOGETHER by utilizing hashtags WITHIN Flipgrid. We can include hashtags in the title section of our our responses, and when we post THEY BECOME CLICKABLE! You should be excited because this means when you click on a hashtag, Flipgrid will cluster ALL of the responses WITH that hashtag together, within the SAME TOPIC. So for example, if you are talking about a Google Apps activity for a primary grade you might want to use the hashtags #GAfE4Littles and #ECEchat in the title section of your response.

The Big Picture Behind the #SummerFlipChat

Standing back and looking at the big picture with this #SummerFlipChat, we are able to learn about the variety of interests we have and things we want to pursue ALONGSIDE and WITH each other, regardless if we just starting out with a connection or reflecting on a discovery we made. We can jump in at any time with this chat and any point in the #InnovatingPlay cycle (Connect, Wonder, Play, Discover). Just like the #SlowFlipChat, there are NO LIMITS to the #SummerFlipChat, and the experience is what YOU make of it.

As always, EVERYONE Can Play…..we hope to see you in the grid when you are ready. πŸ™‚

Code and Password: iplay010

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