Supporting Social Emotional Needs Beyond the Classroom

There are many ways that educators take care of their students and their needs in the classroom, but what does this look like when we are offering support at home? Continue Reading →

Character Studies

As we nurture emergent readers and writers we take time explore the craft of the author and illustrator, and the role of each in telling a story. During this three Continue Reading →

Creating a Kindness Promise Through Collaborative Literacy

This year we have been exploring idea of extended reading and having children make meaningful connections beyond the book. (Check out our Extended Reading category on our blog to see Continue Reading →

Customizing Your Own Kmail

As educators, the creation of meaningful literacy experiences for students is a constant work in progress.  In order to evolve in our practice, we must continuously reassess the world in Continue Reading →

Sharing a Field Trip Experience Through Kmail

Connect In our previous post we talked about an Extended Reading Experience by involving the kids with playing with characters (of themselves!) and settings. We shared how when we extend Continue Reading →

Community Gathering

Right after our Connected Play time, children take part in the Community Gathering. This time is dedicated to connect as a group and make sure individual needs are SEEN and recognized Continue Reading →

Our Year Long Memory String

This year our kindergarten classes spent the year going through the Innovating Play cycle of connecting, wondering, playing, and discovering. (We have blogged about some of these experiences and have Continue Reading →

Play Through Exploration: A Shared Garden Experience

Making Connections Our New Jersey and California kids share the weather with each other every day. Connecting with the same topic of the weather each day has been an ongoing Continue Reading →